Organo Gold Compensation Plan, 7 Ways To Get Paid!

Organo Gold is a healthy coffee and tea which is organic and non gmo. Organo main ingredient is ganoderma lucidum also known as Reishi mushroom and here are some of the benefits the reishi mushroom, Heart health, anti allergic, healing the liver, detoxify the body, kidney disease, sleep, mental health, muscle relaxant, immune system, aging, weight loss, antioxidants, cancer, infection, stress, skin health, urinary tract infection, inflammation, blood sugar, radiation and much more. Here are 7 ways to get paid at Organo
1 Retail Profit
Retail sales are the foundation of the ORGANO™ Opportunity. By selling ORGANO™ Products to retail customers, you can earn generous profits of up to 50%. (Paid Daily and/or Weekly). The new Coffee Connoisseur Club retail site makes it easy to build your customer base.
2 Fast Track Bonus
You can start making money right away! Earn $20 – $120 on each OG Promotional Product Pack sold, with no limit on the number of packs you can sell. (Paid Weekly)
 3 Dual Team Bonus
Team up and grow your network. Build, lead, and motivate two business teams with one on your left and the other on your right, and you have the potential to earn up to US $75,000. (Paid Weekly)
4 UniLevel Bonus
The heart of your lifetime residual income. Receive bonuses from product orders and re-orders generated in your group, up to nine levels deep. (Paid Monthly)
5 Unilevel Matching Bonus
Develop your personal team. Qualify to earn a percentage of the Unilevel Bonus earned by your Personally Sponsored Distributors, up to 4 levels deep. (Paid Monthly)
6 Generational Bonus
Become an OG Leader and reap the rewards. You can earn additional bonuses as deep as four generations of qualified Sapphires and Above. (Paid Monthly)
7 Global Bonus Pool
The ultimate reward. You are encouraged to reach beyond your dreams and qualify in sharing 3% of Total Worldwide Unilevel Commissionable Volume. (Earned Monthly, Paid Quarterly)

Take a look at this video, You can also order any products or join to market this healthy coffee & tea, it is available in 35+ countries. Cost to join and become a distributor is $49,

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Jerry Tolle worked in Corporate America for 30 years with the same company, he then made the decision to leave in 2011 to start working on his own; allowing him to have the opportunity to continue working on his own building a large social media network of business with his marketing company, building business relationships and a wealthy book of business. While working full time, Jerry was able to start his first direct sales company in 2004, 5 years later in 2009 he started 2 real estate investment companies. Once he left Corporate America in 2011 Jerry decided to build 3 more businesses. Having no investors or funding he dedicated his time and personal funds to create 6 successful businesses to carry him through retirement and beyond creating a financial legacy for his children & grandchildren. Jerry currently has 10+ streams of income that pays him 5 figures monthly. Jerry is married with 4 children, 6 grandchildren and loves helping others. He is dedicated to building other businesses and entrepreneurs such as himself with his Social Media expertise and experience, Real Estate investing companies and business building techniques. Jerry is a Graduate of Carl Albert High School, attended Rose State College, a Business Owner, Entrepreneur, and is Business Certified. Jerry's hobbies include collecting sports memorabilia, fast sports cars, riding his Harley and spending time with his family.
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