Forbes predicts 79 million people are going to open a home-based business in the next 5 years.

Its just a matter of time, when you get called into your managers office, maybe you are going to get LAID OFF, fired or even worse they are going out of BUSINESS. Look at the headlines in today’s news. I bet you know someone personally, a friend, some one at church or family member who is no longer working.  More and more businesses are shutting their doors, moving overseas or laying people off just to stay in business. Why are you working so hard to make someone else’s dreams come true. Look at the owner or CEO of your company. I bet they are making a lot of money because of your hard work.

Look how you struggle just to make ends meet. I bet some of you reading this have more money going out than money coming in. That is why I have a solution,  why not be the Boss of Me. I have been working out of my home for last 10 years. I had a regular job like most of you reading this but I finally decided I wanted more and eventually QUIT CORPORATE AMERICA.  I can show you step by step on how to build your very own home-based business. Let me make this perfectly clear, I am not telling you to  quit your job and do this full time, this is NOT a get rich over night or fast easy money opportunity.  You really have to work at this and eventually you will make however much you want.  You can do this part time  at home while you still work. You are in control over your life and business, You don’t have to worry about getting laid off, fired or asked to take a pay cut.

Let me tell you this its really exciting, once your business  starts duplicating that is where you will see your business grow exponentially.  I have seen people make 6 figures in less than 6 months but than again I have seen people make nothing in 5 years. It all starts with YOU. Change what you are doing or just settle for less because eventually you will get called into your mangers office and than what are you going to do. If you would like more information you can email me at  


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About jerrytolle

Jerry Tolle worked in Corporate America for 30 years with the same company, he then made the decision to leave in 2011 to start working on his own; allowing him to have the opportunity to continue working on his own building a large social media network of business with his marketing company, building business relationships and a wealthy book of business. While working full time, Jerry was able to start his first direct sales company in 2004, 5 years later in 2009 he started 2 real estate investment companies. Once he left Corporate America in 2011 Jerry decided to build 3 more businesses. Having no investors or funding he dedicated his time and personal funds to create 6 successful businesses to carry him through retirement and beyond creating a financial legacy for his children & grandchildren. Jerry currently has 10+ streams of income that pays him 5 figures monthly. Jerry is married with 4 children, 6 grandchildren and loves helping others. He is dedicated to building other businesses and entrepreneurs such as himself with his Social Media expertise and experience, Real Estate investing companies and business building techniques. Jerry is a Graduate of Carl Albert High School, attended Rose State College, a Business Owner, Entrepreneur, and is Business Certified. Jerry's hobbies include collecting sports memorabilia, fast sports cars, riding his Harley and spending time with his family.
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