Jerry Tolle explains how he will never lose his job, get fired, laid off or even asked to take a pay cut.

I see people constantly getting laid off, fired, downsized or asked to take less money just to keep their jobs. My neighbor who is in his late 30’s to early 40’s put in over 10+ years and was let go.  It seems like when you hit a certain age Corporate will make some excuse to get rid of you because they can hire someone half your age and pay them half as much to do what you do.  You could be the best employee on staff but if they dig deep enough they will get rid of you for something trivial and save hundreds of thousands of dollars because they don’t have to pay for your health care and wages anymore.

I know its hard to believe, but I will never lose my job,  get fired, laid off or even asked to take a pay cut from my current job.  I worked Corporate almost my entire  life and in 2011 at 50 years old , I finally got fed up and FIRED my BOSS and never went back to work for anyone else. I left a six figure income job because I hated my j.o.b.  I was tired of being constantly told what to do.  They told me when to go to work, what time to start, what time I could get off, what days I had to work or have off. I was told when I could have vacation, a lot of times it was never when I wanted it but I had to take it anyway.  They even told me how long I could have lunch or even take a break. I was programmed to work like a robot, they could careless how I felt and I absolutely hated ever minute I was on the clock.

I decided to take a BIG RISK and found a company that let me be the Boss of me.  I could work when I wanted to. I finally had the TIME, FREEDOM & INCOME to live my life on my own terms.  Of course my friends and family thought I was crazy working a nontraditional job and said it sounds like a scam. I am glad I was strong enough not to listen to them. People are funny they will give you advice on things they no nothing about because it doesn’t sound right.  I decided these people don’t pay my bills, I looked at their lives and said why would I listen to them.  Even if you decide this opportunity is not for you just remember this, Don’t let ANYONE take away your dreams to be successful. Follow your heart,  I did and today I have never been happier, CHANGE starts with you.  Please contact me at for more information.


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About jerrytolle

Jerry Tolle worked in Corporate America for 30 years with the same company, he then made the decision to leave in 2011 to start working on his own; allowing him to have the opportunity to continue working on his own building a large social media network of business with his marketing company, building business relationships and a wealthy book of business. While working full time, Jerry was able to start his first direct sales company in 2004, 5 years later in 2009 he started 2 real estate investment companies. Once he left Corporate America in 2011 Jerry decided to build 3 more businesses. Having no investors or funding he dedicated his time and personal funds to create 6 successful businesses to carry him through retirement and beyond creating a financial legacy for his children & grandchildren. Jerry currently has 10+ streams of income that pays him 5 figures monthly. Jerry is married with 4 children, 6 grandchildren and loves helping others. He is dedicated to building other businesses and entrepreneurs such as himself with his Social Media expertise and experience, Real Estate investing companies and business building techniques. Jerry is a Graduate of Carl Albert High School, attended Rose State College, a Business Owner, Entrepreneur, and is Business Certified. Jerry's hobbies include collecting sports memorabilia, fast sports cars, riding his Harley and spending time with his family.
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